Staff services & Policy

Working closely with the Vice Provost for Education, Staff services & Policy functions as a liaison between the Rector and the faculties, and between national and international stakeholders within education. Through dialogue and interaction with ministries and the University's management team, we contribute to a proactive development of education activities at the University of Copenhagen.

As part of Staff services & Policy, Statistics and Analysis functions as the central study statistics entity of the University of Copenhagen. We compile statistics and ratios for external and internal use.

In addition to conducting quality assurance and reporting data and statistics on education and students, our work consists of launching joint development projects on education and assisting the faculties in implementing them. We also deal with complaints, Common Market, further/continuing education, accreditation, quality enhancement, and elections for various university bodies.


Name Title Job responsibilities Image
Anne Marie Dyrberg Academic Officer Billede af Anne Marie Dyrberg
Connie Nielsen Academic Officer Dimensionering af uddannelser. Dimittendundersøgelser (spørgeskemaer og kontakt til Rambøll). Erhvervskoordinator Billede af Connie Nielsen
Gitte Duemose Senior Consultant Billede af Gitte Duemose
Helle Birch Schmidt Special Consultant Billede af Helle Birch Schmidt
Jette Fryd Sandstrøm Administrative Officer Billede af Jette Fryd Sandstrøm
Laura Wulff Thomassen Special Consultant Billede af Laura Wulff Thomassen
Lotte Lynggaard-Johansen Special Consultant Billede af Lotte Lynggaard-Johansen
Maibrit Friborg Davidsen Special Consultant Billede af Maibrit Friborg Davidsen
Peter Bøcher Senior Consultant with personnel management Billede af Peter Bøcher
Preben Liljendahl Senior Consultant Billede af Preben Liljendahl
Signe Hove Jacobsen Academic Officer Billede af Signe Hove Jacobsen
Signe Nielsen Special Consultant Billede af Signe Nielsen
Søren Vernegren Kirk Academic Officer Billede af Søren Vernegren Kirk
Vibeke Suhr Pedersen Special Consultant Billede af Vibeke Suhr Pedersen