Student support & Study environment

In Student support & Study environment, we work with students’ well-being.

We manage SU, ensure implementation of SU legislation and advise UCPH students on SU-related conditions, study-abroad scholarships, supplement of monthly grant portions, and youth travel pass.

We advise students with functional impairments about the possibilities of special support during their programme at UCPH, and we manage the Special Education Support scheme (SPS). Furthermore, we collaborate with many stakeholders and collaboration partners, both internally and externally.

We focus on the follow-up of study environment action plans, are involved in the UCPH think tank about stress and collaborate with Studenterhuset and Student Sport Activities. We also handle the University’s cooperation agreement with Team Danmark concerning guidance of top athletes at UCPH.



Name Title Job responsibilities Image
Anita Kildebæk Nielsen Special Consultant Billede af Anita Kildebæk Nielsen
Anne Dalvad Hansen Academic Officer Billede af Anne Dalvad Hansen
Anne Marie Thorsen Senior Consultant Billede af Anne Marie Thorsen
Bettina Jul Gunnersen Grants Councellor Billede af Bettina Jul Gunnersen
Carina Lundahl Academic Officer Billede af Carina Lundahl
Dorte Boesgaard Nørbjerg Grants Councellor Billede af Dorte Boesgaard Nørbjerg
Lea Broberg Carlander Academic Officer Billede af Lea Broberg Carlander
Randi Nielsen Senior Consultant Billede af Randi Nielsen
Rikke Prüsse-Nielsen Administrative Officer Billede af Rikke Prüsse-Nielsen
Signe Møller Johansen Special Consultant Billede af Signe Møller Johansen
Søren Theodor Hein Ahm Special Consultant Billede af Søren Theodor Hein Ahm
Tanja Lillelund Academic Officer Billede af Tanja Lillelund