International Education

International Education (IE) is a knowledge centre within the international education area.
We provide direction and advise management on the internationalisation of programmes and on the content of partnerships. We do this at both the legislative level and by ensuring common practice across the University.

We work with the following areas within International Education:

  • Programme administration: We manage and assure the quality of the exchange and scholarship programmes Erasmus +, Erasmus staff Exchange, Nordlys, N2N and UCPH's institutional exchange agreements.
  • Student mobility: We handle applications from exchange students to/from the University of Copenhagen. We advise incoming students about enrolment at the University of Copenhagen and supervise outgoing students in the application process under UCPH's bilateral exchange agreements. 
  • Student Centre: We are involved in the Student Centre in Fiolstræde, where we advise Danish and international students on matters relating to exchange.
  • Grant Award: We administrate and disburse scholarships within IARU courses, Novo Nordisk Talent Programme, N2N, and UCPH's Internationalisation Fund.
  • American student loans: We administrate student loans to American students, who are enrolled at the University via the Wiliam D. Ford Direct Loan Program.
  • International conferences: We represent the University of Copenhagen at international conferences such as EAIE, NAFSA and APAIE and prepare proposals for our participation. Besides this, we represent the University, together with other UCPH representatives, in a number of international and national networks such as IARU, UNICA, LERU, NordPlus and UArctic.  
  • International visits: We coordinate and manage both small and large delegation visits to/, from the University and coordinates across the University.
  • Committee work: We provide secretarial services to SAK-I (UCPH's Interntional Administrative Coordinating Committee) and represent the University in the SIRI collaboration, as well as in INTER under Universities Denmark.
  • Recruitment and retention of international full degree students: We coordinate and participate in the University’s participation in TOP Talent events and other relevant international education fairs. We coordinate the University’s work on retaining international graduates in the Danish labour market via the national TalentTDK project.
  • Summer school courses for professionals: We coordinate, promote and manage approximately 20 summer courses a year aimed at external professionals under the name Copenhagen Summer University.
  • Summer school courses for university students: We act as a knowledge centre within the international summer school area and coordinate and market the University’s overall international summer school programme under the name UCPH International Summer Programme.
  • Strategic projects: We coordinate and manage the international strategic projects 4EU+ and University Strategic Partnerships.
  • Trendspotting: We spot and communicate new trends within the international education area for the benefit of programmes and students.

The section is divided into two offices in the UCPH main building located at Frue Plads in Copenhagen.


Name Title Job responsibilities Image
Alexandra Osorio Brito Academic Officer Outbound student mobility, regional Coordinator for Latin America, Canada and Russia, Web editor for Study information pages and Billede af Alexandra Osorio Brito
Anja Svelmøe Frydensberg Administrative Officer Billede af Anja Svelmøe Frydensberg
Anne Bruun Senior Consultant with personnel management Strategy, responsible for staff and budget, part of Education & Students management team, represents Education & Students internationally. Billede af Anne Bruun
Anne Bruun Senior Consultant with personnel management Director International Education Billede af Anne Bruun
Bente Blumensaat Pedersen Administrative Officer Inbound student mobility, admission of exchange and guest students, registration of Erasmus+ agreements, registration of institutions in study admi... Billede af Bente Blumensaat Pedersen
Christina Jane Grauballe Academic Officer Marketing of UCPH International Summer Programme and web editor of, summeroordinator IARU Courses, administration of US student ... Billede af Christina Jane Grauballe
David Allington Academic Officer Inbound student mobility, admission processes for exchange and guest students, contact person for the mentoring programs at UCPH, administration of... Billede af David Allington
Eva Raimondos-Møller Special Consultant Full Degree coordinator, administration of US student loans, state scholarships, retention & recruitment, Talent Management: Young Professionals in... Billede af Eva Raimondos-Møller
Kathrine Bruun Funch Academic Officer Erasmus+ Program Coordinator: In- and outbound mobility, internships for students and staff training abroad. Mobility with 4EU+ partner universitie... Billede af Kathrine Bruun Funch
Kristine Ellis Academic Officer Inbound student mobility, DUIS Project Assistant, UCPH representative in the networking group ¿Universities Denmark¿ regarding residence permits fo... Billede af Kristine Ellis
Marianne Stig Administrative Officer Outbound student mobility, regional Coordinator for Asia and Africa, administration of Erasmus+ exchange, summer programmes at Nordic Centre Fudan ... Billede af Marianne Stig
Mie Morthorst Academic Officer Priority Partnerships, UCPH Coordinator of Collaboration Award programme with the University of Sydney, projekt Assistant Erasmus+ KA2 EVALUATE, se... Billede af Mie Morthorst
Pernille Winther Academic Officer Outbound student mobility, regional coordinator for USA and the Middle East, guidance in regards to exchange outside Europa as well as application ... Billede af Pernille Winther
Sara Lunde Dinesen Special Consultant Group Coordinator Billede af Sara Lunde Dinesen
Shabnam Mushtaq Administrative Officer Outbound student mobility, administration of Erasmus+ exchange, payment of scholarships, evaluation of student reports, registration of transcripts... Billede af Shabnam Mushtaq
Simone Hauskov Academic Officer University of California Program Coordinator, admission of international students, web editor Billede af Simone Hauskov
Søren Rosenkvist Jensen Academic Officer Outbound student mobility, regional Coordinator for Australia and New Zealand, Nordlys Coordinator, web editor Study information pages, Crown Princ... Billede af Søren Rosenkvist Jensen
Tina Haagerup Administrative Officer Inbound student mobility, transcripts, coordination of authority registration for EU students, administration of North2North mobility program. Billede af Tina Haagerup