Academic Board on Education Strategy (KUUR)

The Academic Board on Education Strategy at the University of Copenhagen is most frequently referred to as KUUR.

KUUR advices the Rector, Prorector, and university management team on education strategy. KUURs work is based on objectives drawn up in the university development and strategy contracts. KUUR is concerned with matters of intersectional nature and actively contributes to the development of the University’s education strategy. Furthermore, KUUR functions as a forum for exchanging best practices across university faculties.

KUURs field of activity comprises the strategic development efforts relating to undergraduate and graduate studies, master- and diploma programmes, as well as other education activities. The Board’s terms of reference determine the specific framework of the Board’s operation.


• Bente Stallknecht, Prorector for education, University Management (chairs the Board)
• Rie Snekkerup, Vice-provost for education, University Education Services (co-chairs the Board)
• Jens Erik Mogensen, Associate dean for education, Faculty of Humanities
• Stine Jørgensen, Head of studies, Faculty of Law
• Henrik Busch, Associate dean for education, Faculty of Science (co-chairs the Board)
• Birgitte Sloth, Associate dean for education, Faculty of Social Sciences
• Hans Henrik Saxild, Associate dean for education, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
• Carsten Selch Jensen, Head of studies, Faculty of Theology 
• Frederik Løgstrup Magnusson, Student (co-chairs the Board)
• Sofie Gro Holde, Student
• Michael Pallisgaard, Student
• Theis Eízo de Noord Bedsted, Student

KUUR is administrative supported by the Education Strategy Unit, Gitte Duemose Hansen